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03/2018 - 09/2019 Post-Doc

Université de Montréal, Canada. Supervised by Bernhard Thomaszewski Member of a multi-cultural research team, researches mainly around ceramic printing: development of algorithms increasing the reliability of clay extrusion printers. Implementation of algorithms to deform 3D models (Cage Based)

06/2017 - 03/2018 Software Engineer

Software Engineer, AddUp, Clermont Ferrand. Member of a SCRUM team, Development of path planning algorithm for selective laser sintering with concurrent laser, as well as libraries of geometry 2D and 3D. Experienced with git, visual studio and JIRA

02/2017-06/2017 Research Engineer

INRIA Nancy Grand-Est Development of a Node based graphical user interface (Open Source on GitHub, it later inspired ChiLL) for IceSL, a Slicer developed by INRIA.

09/2013-02/2017 PhD

INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, Under the supervision of Sylvain Lefebvre Development of algorithms to improve the visual quality of FDM 3d printing. Development of algorithms to generate support for FDM 3D printing. Both where implemented in IceSL, Development of algorithms to simplify mechanical modelling, as well as methods for furniture synthesis/optimization.

Development of visualization tools to support my researches, with OpenGL using real-time rendering technique, such as shadow mapping, ambient occlusion, Phong shading... Publication and presentation of my research in top tier conferences such as SIGGRAPH or Eurographics. Complete publications List Here Teaching algorithm and Programming(Java, Python, C#) and video games programming with Unity to master/undergraduate student. Teaching network system to undergraduates students.


  • C, C++, C#, Python
  • Industry-grade library: CGAL, LibIgl, Eigen
  • 3D Printing: FDM, DLP, Inkjet, SLS
  • Machine Learning: SVM, CNN, MLP
  • English (fluent), French (native)
  • OpenGL, Vulkan, GLSL
  • Algorithm, Geometry
  • Visual Studio, JIRA, Git


2017 PhD in Computer Science, Synthesis of Fabricable Shape from Partial Specifications, INRIA Nancy, Université de Lorraine, defended in February 2017.

2013 Master degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Université de Lorraine.