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A (not so long) time ago I was a phd student and a postdoc. Maybe you came on this website to access my publications.


Extrusion-Based Ceramics Printing with Strictly-Continuous Deposition
Jean Hergel, Kevin Hinz, Sylvain Lefebvre, Bernhard Thomaszewski (SIGGRAPH Asia 2019)

Towards Zero Waste Furniture Design
Bongjin Koo*, Jean Hergel*, Sylvain Lefebvre , Niloy Mitra (TVCG 2016, Joint first author)

3d Fabrication of 2D Mechanisms (Eurographics Honorable Mention)
Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (Eurographics 2015)

Bridging the gap: Automated Steady Scaffoldings for 3D Printing
Jeremie Dumas,Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (SIGGRAPH 2014)

Clean Color: Improving Multi-filament 3D Print
Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (Eurographics 2014)


To print the results presented in those papers, we use our home-made slicer called IceSL