Jean Hergel

Software Engineer in computer graphics

Last update the 10th of January 2017


Clean Color: Improving Multi-filament 3D Print
Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (Eurographics 2014)

Bridging the gap: Automated Steady Scaffoldings for 3D Printing
Jeremie Dumas,Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (SIGGRAPH 2014)

3d Fabrication of 2D Mechanisms (Eurographics Honorable Mention)
Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre (Eurographics 2015)

Towards Zero Waste Furniture Design
Bongjin Koo, Jean Hergel, Sylvain Lefebvre , Niloy Mitra (TVCG 2016)


To print the results presented in those papers, we use our home-made slicer called IceSL