Computer Graphics stuff

Preview of 3D printed model This one is kinda cool, it is also the first and the last I did using WebGL, js, and html. There are a few things going on to compute normal on the fly, SSAO, and specular and diffuse lighting. I've incorrectly implemented subsurface scattering in it, I don't care since it looks good.

This is an animated gif image, but it does not move

On my github, you can find a slow and buggy implementation of "fast texture synthesis using tree-structured vector quantization". It uses LibSL, and I am still working on making it better.

On my github, you can find a a graph based interface in C++ using ImGui. I did it to simplify the design of 3D model. It replaces the script language used by IceSL for modelling. Since then, it has been forked by the IceSL team!

On my GitLab there is the future of pixel art drawing (no). It is an application that I'm slowly developping to automatically shade pixel arts. It takes me some time, and I have to integrates my implementations of the deep learning papers solving the problem: "Interactive Sketch-Based Normal Map Generation with Deep Neural Networks" and "Deep Normal Estimation for Automatic Shading of Hand-Drawn Characters"
A simple example is shown in this video:


On youtube I pushed the video that I did with vegas pro to support the submission of our SIGGRAPH Asia Paper: Extrusion-Based Ceramics Printing with Strictly-Continuous Deposition.