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During the lockdown, I've played with rendering, doing a preview of 3D printed model. It used standard computer graphics technique. I'm using deferred shading(kind of, as for now I cannot use MRT with Three js). the layer effect is computed on the fly with a technique similar to parralax mapping(no slicing). Specular and diffuse lighting with real-time approximation (hack) of subsurface scattering. If you have any comments and questions, feel free to contact me!

What can I do for you?

Well, I'm an expert. I can do a lot of things. You have an amazing product Idea, but unsure if it is feasible? Let me help you. You know that it's possible, but don't have the skills? I can also do development for you. You need some help to finish your product on time? say no more and contact me!

You are looking for a Freelancer in Computer Graphics with a strong background in geometry and 3D printing? Feel free to contact me on this website or to email me at I am based in the East of France, but I am ready to discuss worldwide opportunities.