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I have a few hobbies, Sci-fi,video games and music.


I'm an avid gamer. I played a lot before my PhD to all kind of game. Pen and paper, social games, trading card game, and of course video games have no secret to me. Now, I'm more playing to games that require less time. A match of Overwatch from time to time, a run of Faster Than Light, and discovering galaxies in No Man's Sky.

My love for games isn't limited to video games. I enjoy playing different board games, Trading card game and pen and paper RPGs.

Science Popularization!

During my PhD, I had some science popularization activities. I presented 3D printers to High School student at Lycée Levassor In Dombasle-Sur-Meurthe. I also hosted booths during several science fairs (At Kinepolis the 11 of February 2015, Science fair in Nancy, "Horizons 2020" in Nancy). I found out that people are more interested in science than I thought!


I'm guitar player since 2003, I have been member of some non-professional bands in the past, and I'm still practicing but alone now.